Progress is still being made.

The Steering Committee, now headed by John Bosma, is meeting every week to try and move this forward.

The financial model keeps changing.

It has become apparent to us that our community can not be built without substantial investment.

If we planned for a model in which there was no capital investment required, the cost of borrowing all that money would make the rents prohibitive.

Financial institutions will not lend us much over 50% of the capital cost as they do not want to invest in a dining room and other services that we consider a must for this kind of community.

So, with the help of the professionals at Atlantic Peoples Housing, and the advice of people like Hal Somers, we are preparing the third and final roll out as soon as we can get it together.

The proposal for basic layout of the building is in front of our committee.

The preliminary financial plan has been presented.

We now have to get internal agreement on what we are offering our members.  It is always hard to get agreement when there are so many issues and decisions are anything but straight forward.

We are still working towards:

A very sustainable, well insulated, comfortable,  building.

Dining room, medical,  personal care, fitness room ….  

Beautiful grounds.

Covered parking. 

Choice of apartment size.

And much more.

Not an easy task but progress is being made

We are at the difficult stage in which our wants have to weighed against the costs.

Join the conversation.

Call John at 506-773-5175 (h)    506-624-3179 (c)

Bob at 506-773-5880 (h)             506-624-8150 (c)

or email Vernon at

DVG  16.09.18