Why retire here?

  • By far, the most important reason is we are a cooperative dedicated to building a supportive community in which residents are committed to helping each other. Happiness has more to do with people than things.
  • Unless subsidized, there will never be a better deal than what is offered by GCC.  The City of Miramichi, NB Power, Miramichi Forward, Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee and numerous other organizations have contributed value.
  • GCC is a volunteer organization which has contributed countless hours and quite a significant amount of money at no cost to the eventual residents.
  • The eventual residence will be the best value (consider quality) available. Costs will be low compared to similar offerings in New Brunswick and very much lower than similar facilities across Canada.
  • The physical setting on the Miramichi is stunning.  The site overlooks the Miramichi River in one direction and England’s Hollow Park in the other.  Besides views, the property is surrounded by public hiking trails, one of which leads right into the heart of downtown Chatham about 1 km away.
  • Miramichi is a wonderful place to retire.  Many people from across Canada come here because it is a friendly, lively and welcoming place. There already is a well developed retirement community here. GCC will fit into this mix beautifully offering services, such as dining facilities, that are not currently available.
  • Miramichi has an attractive mix of outdoors activities, cultural events, educational opportunities with ample opportunities for newcomers to join the fun.  There is nothing stuffy about this community.
  • GCC is a cooperative in which residents own their facility.  Cooperatives are regulated by an Act and Regulations established by the Province.  As well, oversight is provided by FECNB (Financial and Consumer Services of New Brunswick).   This provides added protection to ensure member rights are protected.  The well-established governance structure ensures the involvement and control by residents as well as serving the mission to provide the best possible place for people to retire.
  • Imagine being free of the for-profit motive that comes with most retirement communities!
  • Facilities include dining room, activity room with bar, common balconies and patios, outdoor barbeque area, library, underground parking, maker space (phase 2), medical service area and personal service area. (Hair, nails, massage…) walking trails, including a riverside trail, adjacent park and boat launch (phase 2).
  • GCC will be a Demonstration site for use of medical technology for seniors:   The Department of Health Innovation Fund has indicated they are willing to partner with GCC to provide technological innovations to monitor (volunteering) residents’ health.
  • Mobile health monitoring devices are increasingly available. The plan is to use these devices to predict medical conditions before they occur and intervene so that residents can remain healthy and independent as long as possible.
  • GCC already has signed up over 90 of the greatest retirees anywhere.

Come work and play and watch the sunsets with us!