We are hard at work developing what we believe will be the successful model for our community. 

The model has changed quite drastically from where we began.

To try and keep this simple, planned changes will be listed in point form.

1.  It looks like the building will be built using ICF.   (Insulating Concrete Form)

Comfortable, strong, super-insulated, quiet, long lasting … Superior building.  

2.  GCC will remain to “Ensure the best possible living conditions for the residents” but will build partnerships to take care of the business side of the operation. GCC will retain title to the land.

3. A “Working Group” has been formed to try and make this happen quickly.

4.  Separate partnerships will be developed to:

a. Build and run the building.

b. Build and run the garage.

c. Manage the dining room.

d. Manage the personal care space.

e. Manage the medical facility.

5.  Vernon has agreed to stay on as chair of the GCC Board.

6.  The next web post will identify members of the Working Group.

7.  The draft financial model is due this week.

Once the Working Group is in place and the financial model has been finalized,  the first task will be to raise the 25% of capital costs.  Lending institutions will lend up to 75%.

Existing members will be approached first.        

Stay tuned.   This has to happen fairly quickly.

Vernon  (Chair)



506 625 6363

Melanie Gallant (Office)


506 778 8591