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Caring – Quality – Community     Fall Update:  (Brief) 

1. Leadership:

No energetic new leaders have stepped forward so we had to settle for this rapidly aging one.  

Vernon has agreed to accept the position of chairperson as we work our way through this third and final attempt to market this community. Bob Currie remains as the Vice- Chair,

2.  Steering Committee:  This group was formed to represent the investors until they can be identified and formally pick their own board and executive.

Plans for the services, parking, dining room…..  are well underway. 

Chair:  Vernon Goodfellow  APHL liaison.

Vice Chair:  Bob Currie  Legal liaison.

Secretary: Rick Hayward   also web manager.

Backup secretary:  John Bosma  also dining room proposal.

Medical/ personal services:  Vacant as the previous person ran into some serious family medical issues.  

Building:  Rick Patterson

Financial:  Hal Somers.   He is waiting until we get a firm financial proposal before becoming an active committee member.       

3.  Planning: The proposed community is developing almost exactly as described in the Summer Newsletter.

At the Steering Committee meeting yesterday (12.11.18) it was confirmed that underground parking was not feasible.  We are now thinking we will build a parking lot that is building-ready so that, if the demand is there. we will build a garage which will be connected by a short covered walkway to the residence.  No stairs.

The Committee also wrestled with the number and size of units.

Our recommendation to the design people is for:

6 – 1200 sq ft units.

12 – 1000 sq ft units.

10 – 900 sq ft units

8  – 800 sq ft units. 

There will be some variation around these numbers and sizes but this is our understanding of the Miramichi market.   

4.  From Here:

Don’t believe me when I report that something can happen fast..

Nothing happens fast in this world.  

We are working with excellent people but it just takes time to clear the inevitable hurdles.  And we are not even dealing with the planning agencies yet.

Lots of fun ahead.

Reminder that the next step involving members, will be someone seeking potential investors.

Count your pennies.

DVG  13.11.18