Progress but no slam dunk!

There has been lots of activity but, as always, with projects this complex, delays are inevitable. In this case the delays are largely self-inflicted as we have not easily settled on concept drawings that work for us. While it has caused delays it is a good thing to get it right .

1. Concept Drawings: The second design did not fare any better than the first as the building seemed suitable but the apartment layouts and size did not fit in well. We have invited Stephen (APHL) and Joe (Spitfire Designs) to bring the third footprint with them to the lot to meet with Rick (Physical Assets Committee) and Vernon to make sure the design works on the lot.

2. Membership: We are now at the 94 mark for members and 80 in the queue. Wonderful progress considering we have no firm layouts to show members.

3. Promotion: You may recall the goal was to have a public meeting early in October.
There is a sequence of events that has to happen:
A. Physical survey: Complete
B. Environmental survey: Complete
C. Concept drawings including layouts: Good progress but not quite there yet.
D. Update city council on our plans. Not yet.
E. Meet with each landowner adjacent to our property to make sure they understand what is planned and to hear any concerns. Not yet.
F. Plan public meeting. Not yet.
I am reluctant to predict when this meeting will take place as I am invariably too optimistic. I will send out an announcement as soon as the plans are firm. My guess is early November.

4. Regulations: Work is progressing on this but this is a huge and complex task. Bob Ewing is getting us started but much remains to be done.

5. Financial Structure: Great progress on this thanks to Lew Cummings of APHL.
The details will make your head ache but essentially we are in the process of forming a new company,
Green Cove Miramichi (GCM) that will be the financial arm of GCC. It will have the same board but will be a for-profit company handling all the financial business.
This is necessary to meet the conditions of our application for CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) status. Wonderful tax and financing opportunity available to us as this takes shape. Lew has an approved structure in place.

6. Health and Wellness: Ed Rawlinson continues to explore options. As previously reported, Dept. of Health has agreed to make us a demonstration site for the use of predictive technology for seniors. The Harrison McCain Foundation have confirmed they are interested in receiving an application for funding from us. Very complex to put together but we are excited about the possibilities and what it can do for our residents’ health.

7. Promotional Presentations: Rick Hayward is helping Vernon polish a power point presentation promoting this project. It is also informative, updating participants with drawings, etc.
If you know of a group who might like to see this, give Vernon a call.
The presentation can be tailored to fit almost any time slot from 10 to 30 minutes. This opportunity is offered to a group of members as well. It can fit nicely into a social gathering.

8. Website: It is still under major reconstruction. As a result, the old one is not being updated. The new one should be up and running within a couple of weeks. Watch for it. It will be at the same address.

Watch our website at,
Contact Melanie at 778 8591 / or Vernon at 625 6363

DVG 12.10.17