A couple sitting under a tree watching the sunset.

Note:  General meetings of Green Cove Cooperative are open to the public but voting is restricted to members of GCC.  Interested members of the general public are welcome.

This is a very tentative agenda as much is changing so this meeting has to be held right in the middle of a heavy planning period.  The good part of this is members will have input to the actual planning phase.

1. Welcome:  Vernon Goodfellow

2. Minutes of last AGM on May 24, 2018.  No minutes were recorded because there was an expectation that GCC would fold.  Members voted to continue.  Armand Lynch assumed the chairmanship but died shortly thereafter.  This required the vice-chair, Vernon Goodfellow, to assume that role once again.  It was an oversight that formal minutes were not recorded.

Most significant discussion:

Preamble:  If the Board and members of GCC can not put forward a viable option for a way forward., then the following resolution will be put on the floor seeking a mover and a seconder. Following discussion, a vote will be taken in which a careful count of votes will be recorded.

In order for this resolution to pass, 75 percent of those members present must vote in support of the resolution.    

Resolution:  Be it resolved that with no viable path to building “Green Cove on the Miramichi” on the table,  the current executive begin immediately to take the necessary steps to dissolve the business of GCC including return of membership dues.    

This motion was discussed and by consensus not put to a vote as members clearly wanted the work of GCC to continue.

A Board of directors was duly elected consisting of:

Armand Lynch, Beth Foley, Bob Currie, Bob McDonald, Linda Sharpe, Norm Rogers, Peggy Savoy, Rick Patterson, Vernon Goodfellow  

3. Minutes of last Board Meeting to be held on June 12.   These will be presented.  The meeting has not been held yet so minutes can not be attached to this agenda.

4. Business arising from Minutes: 

5.  Update on the formation of Green Cove Investments Ltd.

Explanation of proposed structure.  

Proposed Motion:

Motion to approve in principal the proposed structure.  

Note: A general meeting will have to approve a final structure.    

Proposed Motion:

Being as the business side of GCC will be carried out by GCI:

Be it resolved that land title and option to purchase be held by Green Cove Investments Ltd.

6.  Possible partnership with an international developer:  Stephen Davies


Motion to approve in principal this partnership.

7. Chairman’s Report:  Vernon

8. Report on work of GCI:  Rick / John.

9. Report on status of property:  Vernon

10. Financial Statement as prepared by Melanie Gallant.  

11. Membership Report:  Jacquie Patterson.

12. Motion to forgo engaging formal auditors:  

13. Nominating Committee Report /Election of Directors:  Robert Currie

Note:  The directors of GCC will briefly meet immediately following this meeting to elect the executive.   Chair, two vice-chairs and secretary/treasurer.

14. Motion to adjourn.