Overcoming the “IF’S” –  02.10.18

Progress is always slow and a bit invisible at this point in the process.

APHL is our professional anchor and has been busy building a tentative financial model which has been reviewed and approved.

We have also approved a super-comfortable, super-insulated ICF building (exterior walls only).    

Currently, we are waiting (not patiently) for Spitfire Design to get back to us with the cost of completing the concept stage for this building.

It is really only a modification of our previous 28 unit design though there has to be considerable modification to the 1st-floor layout.

IF we can afford this work, it is estimated it should take about a week to complete.

Then our building committee (Rick Patterson is the chair) will work with Spitfire to fine-tune the design.

APHL will then develop a firm financial model including a prospectus for potential investors AND including expected returns on that investment.

IF we can secure commitments for the 25% of the up-front money, needed we will then market this project for the third and final time.

IF we can set up the appropriate separate partnerships to run the garage, the dining room, the personal care area and the medical area, then we can proceed to  the next stage.

IF we then have sufficient interest, (probably in the order of 75%) who are willing to precommit, then the project will proceed. 

We are setting up a Working Group to make all this happen fast.

Construction to start in Spring of 2019 to be completed in Fall of 2019.

Lots of IF’s.

It is doable but only if enough members want this.

Stay tuned.

We will be looking for potential investors soon.

The Miramichi needs this service.