Please Note: Pictured is the concept illustration of a 70 unit facility to which the initial 28 unit building proposed for Green Cove Cooperative will be similar.

Purpose: To update those who are interested in our plans and to firm up commitments so that planning for this project can go forward.


Is maintaining your current home becoming a burden?
Do you need some assistance to complete your daily chores?
Are you isolated and would like some pleasant company?
Would you like to live in a scenic community that values the environment?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are invited to a meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 2:00PM at St. Andrew’s United Church in Chatham.

Green Cove Cooperative is announcing its Phase 1 facility featuring: 28 attractive units (800 to 1200 square feet), located next to beautiful England’s Hollow Park on Water Street overlooking the Miramichi with:

  • Dining room
  • Fitness Room
  • Medical treatment rooms
  • Personal care salon
  • Activity/meeting room

Over half the units have already been reserved. If “Green Cove on the Miramichi” fits your current ageing-in-place goal, you should be contacting us and quickly. Without commitment, this project can not proceed.

For more information call:
Bob Currie at 773 5880
Vernon Goodfellow at 625 6363

Prepared by DVG 02-04-18