Green Cove Cooperative currently holds two properties by way of a Right to Purchase Agreement with the City of Miramichi. These properties both border Water Street on the East end of the former town of Chatham. The property downriver (North East) of MacIntosh is 1.9 acres. The use of this land will be developed once the Green Cove community gets established. The prime property is a beautifully located 2.8 acre lot overlooking the Miramichi River. It is sloping, generally rising from Water street on the river side to about 18 ft higher on the back side which is bound by a row of trees and bushes bordering a hiking/biking trail (former railway line).  The northeast view of the downriver boundary of MacIntosh Street is over the largely treed vacant lot overlooking the river.

The back of the lot (South East) overlooks the tree-lined hiking trail which has a typical housing development bordering that trail on the other side. The upriver boundary (South West) borders the 4.8 acre England’s Hollow Park.  This is a very attractive,  lightly-treed park with a small brook running through it. It has well defined and well-maintained walking trails which connect to a more extensive walking trail network. The riverside borders on Water Street (North West).  The riverside property on the other side of Water Street is owned by NB Power and was formerly used for power generation.  NB Power is amenable to some sort of use agreement with GCC to allow access to the River and possibly to develop the 14-acre riverside area as a park.  It is a brownfield which would severely restrict its use for other purposes.  

The two GCC properties have many fantastic features, including:  

  • Attractive river views from at least 2 sides of the main building.
  • Well maintained trail system both within the park but also extending into the NB Trail system.
  • A beautiful riverside trail leading into the heart of Miramichi East (Chatham). It is approximately one kilometre from the edge of the business district.
  • Growth opportunities for many amenities including a maker space, dock, boat, and workshop.
  • Flowerbeds and a community garden could also be featured at this site, depending on the wishes and means of the GCC residents.
  • Both properties are bound by abandoned railway lines which are now hiking trails. This provides almost total visual and sound separation from the surrounding community.
  • The bordering residents, who have been surveyed by members of the GCC Board, are looking forward to welcoming their new neighbours to their community.

It is hard to imagine a better site for an active community primarily composed of retirees!   

DVG 22.11.18