Yes, it seems hard to believe but the 28 units in our Phase 1 proposal are nearly all spoken for. The exact number is slightly uncertain as we have not collected the $1000 reservation fee yet.  (Legal agreement is being finalized.) As of now, 26 of the 28 units are reserved.

We still have the ability to change the 28 number and add more units but that opportunity will pass in a week or two because we have to build firm financial projections and building plans very soon.

The goal is to open in the summer of 2019 which means we are on an almost impossibly tight time frame. If you are still considering trying to join Phase 1, please let us know. We will be happy to pay you a visit to go through the process and answer all your questions. At the meeting on the 18th  most attendees expressed a preference for the GCC ownership model that we have been promoting.

The Board met on the 19th and confirmed that an all out effort will be made to bring this to fruition; however, if the hurdles become impossible to clear in the tight time frame, a developer partnership model is also being investigated as a backup plan. 

What a wonderful residence for Green Cove on the Miramichi! 

Call: Melanie Gallant 778 8591

         Bob Currie  773 5880  

         Vernon Goodfellow 625 6363