Our Team

Vernon Goodfellow (Chair)
Successful retired educator including classroom teaching, school principal, district educational leadership, and international school administration. His community leadership experiences are also diverse including founding President of Northumberland Salmon Protection Association, the first Chairman of Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee, Chairman of the Fair Distribution Committee of Northumberland Cooperative Ltd. and now chairman of Green Cove Co-operative.

Jack Hunter (Honorary Vice-chair)
Retired as a Chief Superintendent of J Division RCMP (New Brunswick) in 1983. Then he served a 3-year term as Chairman of the New Brunswick Police Commission. Since then he has held a variety of positions including Project Coordinator for Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee. In addition, he has a long record of service to the communities in which he has lived. His positive leadership skills are well known.

Bob Currie (Vice-chair)
Bob is a retired fisheries and wildlife biologist and life-long resident of Chatham. After a 34 year career with the NB Department of Natural Resources, Bob became an active volunteer and long time board member of Ducks Unlimited. He has also served as a board member of The Nature Conservatory of Canada and NB Wildlife Trust Fund. An avid golfer and Highland Society member, Bob is looking forward to becoming an active member of GRC.

Norm Rogers (Second Vice-chair)
Norm grew up in Saint John and, after having married a Chatham girl, transferred to the Miramichi 40 years ago to become the Manager of Employment Services for the local Canada Employment Center. He joined NBCC-Miramichi when it was first established and spent 22 rewarding years in various administrative capacities before retiring in 2001.Norm is an active outdoor enthusiast who has spent many years involved with salmon conservation organizations and other naturalist causes. Norm looks forward to engaging in the “active aging” philosophy of our Green Cove community.

Bob MacDonald
Bob was born in Ontario, joined the Canadian Armed Forces (Air Force) and flew jets in Canada and Europe while stationed in Germany. His service included positions as a Commanding Officer, personnel etc. Retiring, as a Major, for the next 10 years Bob was responsible for the Miramichi Community Medical Health Service. He also served on the Board of the Miramichi Big Brothers/Big Sisters. (His former “little brother” is now a member of the RCMP.) He currently serves on the Literary Council Board and plays an active role in their literacy program. Bob and his wife, Anna, live in Napan. Both are keenly interested in the possibility of becoming residents of a retirement complex such as envisioned by GCR Inc. Bob has expressed a sincere and keen interest in serving on the Board.

Carol Estey
Carol worked at NB Power in Fredericton for 35 years, primarily in the fields of Human Resources (Compensation) and Customer Service. She retired in 2003 as Regional Business Manager, Central Region (covering Fredericton and Miramichi areas). After retirement she returned to Miramichi (Loggieville) where she had grown up. Deciding she wasn’t quite ready to stop working, she became the first Executive Director of the Miramichi Chamber of Commerce, a position she held for three years. After leaving the Chamber, she served as Chair of the Board of Miramichi Landings for the following four years. During this time, she also completed yoga teacher training and opened her own studio, teaching classes until 2015. As one of many baby boomers in Miramichi, Carol recognizes there is a critical gap in the housing requirements of those who are or will be looking to downsize. She believes the Green Cove project can help fill this gap and looks forward to helping make it happen.

Beth Foley-Parker
Beth grew up in Miramichi, leaving the area after graduation to study Psychology at UNB, DAL and Western. She has worked for 30+ years as a Licensed Psychologist in many venues in NB, recently retiring from Horizon Health – Mental Health Services. In addition to her volunteer work, Beth continues to maintain her Private Practice in Psychology. An avid gardener, she keeps up the gardens left her by her mother and grandmother as she resides in her maternal grandparent’s home in Miramichi. She is looking forward to transplanting herself and some of her favourite blooms to Green Cove soil. Beth is on the Board of Directors of Green Cove Co-operative and is dedicated to the philosophy of supportive, independent living and excited to have our very own  Miramichi version of the “ Marigold Hotel” soon.

Peggy Savoy
Peggy has enjoyed a career as a Registered Nurse for 40+yrs with the opportunity to travel and work with the First Nations people in the Northwest Territories and Alberta. Returning to the river after her children were born, she was a Mom to 45 additional children over 16 yrs of fostering. Not wanting to retire, Peggy purchased a Special Care Home in 2008 and now advocates for her Senior clients in regards to health care, living well and experiencing a rich quality of life as they age. Peggy is passionate about people having alternative choices to long term care as it now exists and is eager to support the development of Green Cove on the Miramichi.

Rick Patterson
Rick is a life-long resident of Loggieville and describes himself as a “problem-solver”. In addition to a successful teaching career (Industrial Arts) of more than 30 years, Rick has been a farmer, building contractor, and farm machinery designer. He still takes on “interesting” carpentry projects and some cusomized engineering. Last year Rick joined the Northumberland Co-op Board of Directors and this year was elected chairman. He is chair of the Assets Committee for GCC and was elected to the board at the June 23 meeting.  

Ed Rawlinson

Ed retired from NBCC Miramichi in 2012 after 30 years teaching and continues as a part-time faculty member at St. Thomas University in Fredericton teaching a part of the year. Aging is one of Ed’s interests sociologically, having taught the Sociology of Aging. Additionally, he supports the principles of cooperative initiatives from its Canadian inception harkening back to the days of the Antigonish movement and key figures Moses Coady and Rev. Jimmy Tompkins.  “The man who has ceased to learn ought not be allowed to wander around loose in these dangerous days.” Moses Coady