A Steal of a Deal

Cost Comparison Psst! Who?  Me? Yes, you, the members of GCC and all retired folk. GCC is offering you a steal of a deal!! What does it cost to live at Green Cove on the Miramichi? Well, let's compare apples to apples - straight apartment costs on...

Living on the Miramichi

The Miramichi is a great place to retire.  Life is quiet, living costs are low compared to other parts of Canada, and natural resources are everywhere. We have excellent health care and education systems. During summer months a number...


Welcome to GCC's new web platform! We invite you to take a few minutes to check it out.

Welcome to Green Cove on the Miramichi!

We invite you to check out our new web platform!

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Seniors Helping Seniors


Our Footprint: We are committed to building a high-quality facility with a low environmental footprint.


Community Connections:

  • Shared use of dining room, facility,  & grounds.
  • Community Events.
  • Maker Space.
  • Medical Demonstration Site.
  • Interest Clubs.
  • Jobs. Light employment is good for many seniors.
  • Volunteerism. Serving mission.

Co-housing Creates Golden Years Assets

Senior co-housing is not a new concept but an adaptation of the days when families were large and relatives lived close by. As one grew into the “golden years”, support and inclusion from families and community were the norm. As we adjust to the 21st century, family...

Progress, But No Slam Dunk!

Progress but no slam dunk! There has been lots of activity but, as always, with projects this complex, delays are inevitable. In this case the delays are largely self-inflicted as we have not easily settled on concept drawings that work for us. While it...

GCC: Being Pro-active!

We have consistently referred to “active living” when describing our facility without defining what this might mean. Hunter S Thompson has said: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved...

This project will be a huge asset for the city. We wish the members of GCC every success in their efforts and hope to see their vision realized for the betterment of our seniors and the entire community.”

Mayor Adam Lordon

“We have been working on this project for over eight years. It is a tremendous relief to finally be able to work with our members to develop our plans and move quickly toward constructing our independent living facility.”

Vernon Goodfellow